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Want To Lose Weight

ant to lose weight? Increase your physical activity or decrease calories by 500 and you will lose a pound a week.

We do need calories, so remember don't go below 1200 calories a day.

For example, if you eat fast food (which I don't advocate, but sometimes you're on-the-go):

(At the Golden Arches) Don't eat this:

Don't eat this: Calories
Steak Egg and Cheese Bagel 660
Hashbrowns 150
Mediuim Coke 210
Total 1020 Calories

Eat this: Calories
Unsweet Iced Tea 0
Sausage Burrito 300
Hashbrowns 150
Total 450 Calories

You just eliminated 570 calories!

and lunch at the same fast food place:

Don't eat this: Calories
McRibs 500
Large Fries 500
2 packets ketsup 30
Medium Coke 210
Total 1240 Calories

Eat this: Calories
Premium Southwest Salad w/ Grilled Chicken 290
Southwest Dressing 1/2 package 50
Apple Dippers w/ Caramel 100
Dasani Water 0
Total 440 Calories

You just eliminated 1370 calories!

You still have calories left over for a healthy supper!

At W's

Dont Eat this: Calories
Asagio Ranch Club with Spicey Chicken 670
Large Fries 530
2 packs ketsup 20
Medium Coke 210
Total 1430 Calories

Eat this: Calories
Grilled Chicken Go Wrap 260
Garden Side Salad 25
Croutons 80
Italian dressing 70
Unsweet tea 0
Baked Potato w Sour Cream/Chives 230
Total 665 Calories

You've just eliminated 2135 calories from your diet, but you're still eating enough calories to be healthy!

Congratulations on the first step to getting back to your ideal weight!